Some of our recent activities

Here are just a few examples of the activities at Opening Doors in recent months. Read on to find out a little more about what we do, and if you are interested in finding out more or getting involved, don’t hesitate to get in touch! All our contact details are on the home page.

Companion Cycling

Bernadette spent a lovely morning companion cycling with Jeff at Bushy Park. The sun was shining (at long last!) and it was a beautiful day. The activity brought memories back for Jeff of when he was 14 years old and he rode a three-wheeler bike – he even remembered the exact route he took. They saw deer and met a horse called Scooby! The atmosphere at the park was really friendly and welcoming and Bernadette and Jeff were met with smiles and good mornings as they cycled along.

Deer at Bushy park

Soon after, it was Sarah’s turn. Sarah has never ridden a bike before and commented that she liked being on the bike, especially over the bumps! She said the park was a nice park and she enjoyed the day. Sarah also commented about the lovely people who waved and said hello to us as we rode and the man who was going to get off his own bike to give us a push at one point! Well done to Sarah.

Sarah in the sunshine!

Thank you to the volunteers at Companion Cycling who helped us get going!

Badminton and Table Tennis

We had a fantastic afternoon playing badminton and table tennis at Kensington Leisure Centre. Our thanks to Stewart for volunteering and getting involved today. Stewart showed off some impressive skills whilst supporting the group today. We could not have done it without him!

Stewart shows us how it is done!

Brian showed off impeccable badminton skills and could have kept going for hours!

Brian was super-fit

Richie and Jason had fabulous rallies – They went back and forth like pros!

Richie and Jason get a good rally going

Jason also gave Bernadette a run for her money – she was out of breath by the end of her game with him!

Labake showed lots of power behind her shots. We were all diving for cover at one point – plus a few shots went through Bernadette’s legs, much to Labake’s amusement! She could give Fan Zhendong a run for his money.

Thank you also to Ed and Pascal for running the session for free. We all left energised and happy!

Rugby at Twickenham

It was a freezing cold, rainy day… but we weren’t about to let that put us off!  We travelled to Twickenham Stadium to see the Oxford versus Cambridge Varsity match. A real treat for us sports lovers: a whole day of rugby with lunch at a local café in between. Well done to Cambridge who defeated Oxford in both the women’s and men’s matches. And ever better, £15,800 was raised for disability charity in the process!

Jeff at Twickenham Stadium

Camellia show at Chiswick House

A wonderful afternoon spent with the lovely Emma and surrounded by flowers at the Chiswick House Camellia Show.

Emma in the camellias

The colours were incredible with many different kinds of camellias on show. We went during the week which was a very peaceful time to visit.

A beautiful camellia

We were also excited to learn that The Beatles recorded some videos within the grounds.

Hogarth House Museum

After a drink and snack, Emma and Bernadette headed down to Hogarth House Museum, the home of the late painter, William Hogarth, who lived in Chiswick and is buried locally at St Nicholas Church by the river. Emma had never heard of Hogarth before and we found out that this is where the ‘Hogarth’ roundabout gets its name. We saw some of Hogarth’s works and found out  that the murals on the subway that we walked under, to get to Chiswick House Grounds, were  created by Hogarth.

The entrance to Hogarth’s House

Want to find our more or get involved?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to join in! Our contact details on on our homepage.